This page  will update  everyone about what is going on in the block watch area

The railroad informed us that the panel at Powersdale will be repaired in the next two weeks. The work was apparently left undone as a result of the city’s failure to act.  The RR did not contribute to abandoned tires but will spray the weeded area along the tracks.

 Tracy V. Drake, CEO

Columbiana County Port Authority   1250 St. George Street

Treasurer Lisa Antonini has agreed to be at our next meeting to explain how the new land bank system of foreclosure on houses works and take names of people interested in getting properties.

Water Rates:  Residents will see their water rates increase by 9.9 percent beginning July 1 and 11.8 percent in July 2012.

Ramp to I 680 cleanup from  10-2 on Sat. March 26

Phone Scams: Cops For Kids, and SAT scores requiring credit card.

You are to fully complete the work in (20) twenty consecutive working days. There will be no work done on holidays or weekends. Therefore your contract completion date will be Friday May 6, 2011 if you sign the 10 day notices immediately. Failure to finish on time will result in the remainder of work to go to the next contractor.

Tires are the responsibility of the Contractor. Slips showing where the tires were taken are needed before payment.









The Better Business Bureau is advising customers of Allcare Dental & Dentures if you have products that you have paid for, but did not receive: Please file a police report with the Boardman Police, call the non-emergency number at 330.726.4144

We are putting together a welcome packet to families moving into the block. If you have any suggestions on what should be in it let us know. Let us know if you know of anyone moving into the area.

Last year the Seneca Landfill where our trash now goes to was fined over $100,000 for polluting the neighborhood. If they close, we are in trouble. Better start recycling more.
Just got the letter that 3 out of the 5 houses on E. Indianola have been let and the contractor has until March 4th to demo and regrade lot. The 2 other ones have to be tested and will be about 2 months behind. Houses 1622, 1640, 1644 are the demo ones.
Sunday, Jan. 23 the house at 1640 Indianola burned to the ground.
Hello everyone,
The following was forwarded to me just a little bit ago; please watch out for your neighbors and PLEASE CALL THE POLICE……..
This was in the Handel’s Block-watch..
Christine Silvestri
ps—- 7th Ward People–Would you forward this email to your own block-watch people—thanks
Sent: Mon, December 20, 2010 6:01:35 PM
Subject: Re: men walking looking at houses and black dark blue van on Vermont

Dear neighbors

This afternoon two men in a dark blue/black van parked in my driveway.  Someone
seemed to walk in my backyard and our neighbor’s yard then rapidly fled my

Then a bit layer two young men wearing hooded attire walked around our houses
again.  Our neighbor went outside to ask them what they were looking for. They
asked my neighbor if our house was occupied.  Once our neighbor said yes the
young men told our neighbor that our  houses were being observed. These men then

walked away

Please be on the watch.  Call police.  Any advice?
Vermont Ave

Block Party on Dec. 30 from 6-9 PM at Stonewall Center at 1523 Poland Ave.

The block is working on providing holiday meals for anyone on the block who needs assistance. Contact the Block Watch if you know of anyone who could use a warm meal.

Cars are being broken into throughout the South Side.

Homes were broken into on Shirley Road the third week on November.


A phone calling fraud is trying to get the three numbers off the back of your credit card. They pretend to be with the fraud department of Visa or Mastercard. Don’t give them the numbers off the back of your card. Hang up and call the credit card company using the number on the card to find out if it is real.


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